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  • Grand Cru
    Gifts of $1,000,000 and above

  • Imperial
    Gifts of $500,000 – 999,999

  • Ultra Premium
    Gifts of $250,000 – 499,999

  • Premium
    Gifts of $100,000 – 249,999

  • Private Reserve
    Gifts of $50,000 – 99,999

The Rombauer Family

Auction Napa Valley
Peter A. & Vernice H. Gasser Foundation
U. S. Health Resources and Services Administration

Estate of Martha Johansen

Community Projects
Al Fournier*
William Chiat and James Gladfelter
John Pershing

Ulla and John Brown
Huntleigh Healthcare
Richard Walton
Sherlyn and Dave Zumwalt



  • Reserve
    Gifts of $25,000 – 49,999

  • Private Estate
    Gifts of $10,000 – 24,999

  • Estate
    Gifts of $5,000 – 9,999

  • Select
    Gifts of $1,000 – 4,999

  • Vintage

    Gifts of $100 – 999

  • Gifts In-Kind
    $500 and above

County of Napa
Eileen Crane
Sallie and Dan Dutton
Richard Frank
Linda Gibson
Miljenko Grgich
Lissa and Ken Ross

Mary and William Agee
Gwen and Norman Alumbaugh
Andrews & Thornley Construction
Bell Products
Catherine Bergen
Ethel and Eugene Daly
Missy and Richard Doran
Linda and Larry Dreyer
Juanita and Jeffrey Epps
First American Title Co. of Napa
Stephanie and James Gamble
Julie and Patrick Garvey
Gordon Huether Design
Sarah* and Michael Gorodezky
Linda Lee Harper
Marilyn and Ren Harris
Leticia and William Jarvis
Kristi and Doug Jena
Margaret and Brian Kelly
Margaret and Paul Krsek
Carolyn Martini
Martha and Thomas May
Mary Ann McComber
Anne and Charles McMinn
Judith and Charles Morse
David and JoAline Olson
Kathleen Patterson
Joseph Phelps
Jean Phillips
Prairie Foundation
Queen of the Valley Medical Center
Geri and Walter Raymond
Robert Mondavi Winery
Morgan and Ronald Rogers
Lois Rosen
Rudd Foundation
Shafer Vineyards
Gail and J. Paul Silvestri
Vera Torres
Evalyn and Louis Trinchero
Roger Trinchero
ZD Wines
Elinor A. Zumwalt*

Jule Adams Grant Fund
Bank of America Foundation
Delford Britton
Roberta and Richard DeBeikes
Alan Dreeben
Kristi Hanan and John Dunbar
ETS Laboratories
Foster Lumber Yard
Sharon and Robert Freed
Ruby and William Jamieson
Katherine and Benjamin Jewell
Meibeyer Law Group
Kathleen O’Dowd and Stephen Remington
Valerie and Robert Peebles
Andrea and Bill Phelps
Marjorie and Frederick Schweizer
Lowell Smith
Joanne Sutro and Wayne Cain
Margaret and Alan Timms
Tulocay Cemetery Association
Wells Fargo Bank-
North Coast Commercial Banking Office
Sally and George Wentworth
Zeller’s Ace Hardware

Anonymous (2)
Agee Family Semper Charitable Foundation
Linda and John Alioto
Alive Hospice
Moira and Alvin Block
Jessie Brimhall
Nancy Brimhall
Adelle Brounstein
Bunton, Clifford & Associates
Debbie and Joe Burger
Kingsley Burns
Pamela and James Byrne
Ernest Cabral
Myrna Caratti
Carneros Inn
Chateau Montelena Winery
Jeannette Coburn
Kathryn Coleman and John Blasingame
Stephanie and Tim Cooney
Cooperages 1912, Premium Wine Barrels
Kathleen Crane
Nicholas Crane
Naomi Crozier
Sheila and Louis Daugherty
Linda and William De Bene
Vincent DeDomenico*
Doctors Management Company
Domaine Carneros
Fidelity Corporate Services
Angela Fontana
Evelyn B. Frank
Teresa and Anthony Ganze
Sandy and Eric Gilbert
Jennifer and John Gomez
Susan and Carl Grant
Carol and Rolando Grant
Greater Napa Valley Lions Club
Grgich Hills Estate
Marilyn Hakes and Robert Saxby
Heather and Brant Hartsock
Art Haworth
Heitz Wine Cellars
Helmer & Sons
Jeanie and John Hodgkin
Paul Horner
Suzanne and Robert Jessell
Scott Johnson
Claudia T. and Thomas C. Johnson, DMD
Kaiser Permanente Medical Center
Gail Keller
Corby Kessler, M.D.
Jeanine and David Layland
Carl Lenzi
Donald Logan
Mary Ellen and Didier Makowski
Martin McDonough
Deane and Kenneth Miller
Margrit Mondavi
Jayne and Edward Morrell
Napa Printing & Graphics
Sally and Mark Perkins
Sylvia and Bob Pestoni
Catherine and Richard Poliak
Ruth and William Pressey
Karen and Mark Proteau
Queen of the Valley Medical Center -
Community Outreach
Red River Lumber Company
Celine Regalia
Chris and Steven Roth
Dolores Sacco
Tamara Sarantschin
Leslie and John Selvage
Felicia and Charles Shinnamon
Marian Smith
Patricia and Robert Spinelli
Barbara Stanton
Steve Silva Plumbing
Allyson and Eric Stone
Charlene Stratford
Elizabeth and W. Clarke Swanson
Patricia and Paul Sweigert, MD
Mechanics Bank
Paulette and Larry Timmer
Barbara and Clay Timon
Tower Hill Resources
Treadway & Wigger Funeral Chapel
Umpqua Bank
Virginia* and Ernest Van Asperen
Leslie and Eric Vaughan
Chelli and Paul Warnock
Welcome Wagon Club of Napa
Wells Fargo Foundation
Theodore Wigger
Wayne Willemsen
Carole and Richard Williams
Wimbledon Wine Company
Elizabeth Wood
Thomas Young

Anonymous (2)
Acme Electric
Ahlborn Fence & Steel
Debbie and Robert Almeida
Cynthia Armstrong
Eileen and Lawrence Arnoff
ASEPSIS Technology -
Trauma Scene Management
Marilyn and Paul Asmuth
Carolyn and Bill Bacigalupi
Holly and Jeffery Baier
Vance Baldwin
Bank of America
Heidi Barr
Susan and Pieter Bax
Paula and Jerry Belden
Bella Notte Linens
Lynne and Barry Berghorn
Kathy Ann and John Birrer
Stefan Blicker
Emilie and James Borge
Phyllis Brace
Cynthia and Richard Brockmeyer
Cynthia and Dale Brown
Gene Brown
Gretchen Brown
Terry Brown
Chris Burditt
Elizabeth Butler
Byron Orris
Carol and Steven Cairns
Judith and Jay Caldwell
Karen and Oliver Caldwell
California Hospice Foundation
Barbara and James Capolongo
Stephen Carbone
Lynn Nichols and Dale Carriker
CBO Financial
Matthew Chan
Barbara and John Chase
Kristi and John Clark
Richard Clawson
Ruth and Wendell Coats
Commercial Power Sweep
Lewis E. Cook*
Judy and Douglas Cook
Marilyn Corley-Anderson and
Andy Anderson
Adele and James Cotter
Christopher Crane
Darcy and Fred Croshaw
Betsy and Gemy D’Adamo
Connie Dahlke
Leon Davis
Lanecia De Loera
Shirley and Paul Dean
Lisa DeBruin
Audrey and Raymond del Mas
Development Resources
Sheila Doyle
Carolyn Edwards
Kristin Einberger
Martha Ekwurtzel
James Elmer
Jon Emerick
Pam and Greg Engel
Mark Epstein
John Erickson
Marissa Erickson
Raymond Fehring
Jean Felardo
Cheryl Floyd
Forsythe, LLC
Teresa and C. Sean Foster
Christin and Gregory Fowler
Silvia Fox
Susan and Paul Frank
Lucille and David Franklin
Elaine and David Freed
Margaret and Rodney Friedrich
Diane and David Gandara, MD
Kimberly Gauer
Geotechnical Engineering
Margaret Gilmour
Gloria Good
Janine and Edward Goymerac
MaryLou and Thomas Gracy
Carol Grant
Kirsten and Kenny Gravatt
Robert Gunst
Almut and Peter Haeckl
Vickie and Eugene Hahn
Haire Management
Lisa and Daniel Hall
Raissa Sarantschin and Bill Halsey
John Hamilton
Hilary Hamlin
Shellene Hanan and
Michael Schwartz
Teri Hanes
Shelly and William Harring
Helen Megan Harris and
Elvon Harris
Nancy and Scott Harris
Susanne Harrison
Wm. Alston Hayne
Nancy and James Henry
Daun and William Herbert
Gina Hill
Julia and Leonard Hirsch
Patricia and Donald Hitchcock
Barbara Hoffman
Catherine D’Angelo Holmes and
Paul Holmes
Home Buyers Services
Alston Ahern Horrocks
Marilyn and Caleb Hoshiyama
Kevin Hudgins
Kathleen and Donald Hudson
Linda Hutson
Jane and Don Ilfeld
Insight Management
Jack Isbell
Olive Jack, M.D.*
Jaeger Vineyards
Victoria Jennings
Bruce and Dolores Johnson
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan
Mary and Guy Keilman
Betty Kelly
Joan and Jerome and Kelly
Jean-Marie and John Kelly
June Kester
Rhea Kingsley
Kimberly Koehn
Martha and John Komes
Kristen Komes
Susan Kopperman and Philip Ross
Jenny and Kent Kuhlmann
Teri and Ronald Kuhn
Gun Landwehr
Helene and Gilbert Le Blanc
Beverly and Steve Ledesma
Denae and William Leigon
Angela Lewis
Marcia Licht
Elizabeth Lippow
Meg and Robert Losey, MD
Anita Stempel-Lynch and Robert Lynch
Tara and Sergio Macias
Regina and Anthony Mandanici
Nora Marsh
Starrlynn and Stephen Martin
Bernard Martinson*
Janice Edwards and Deborah Mayer
Claudia Mayfield-Wise and Donald Wise
Elisa and Michael McClure
Jennifer and Jason McConnehey
Robert McCullough
Helen and Thomas McDermott
Tamela and Edward McDonald
Shauna McFarland
Gene McSweeney
Meadows of Napa Valley
Marisa Mendieta
Sidney Mensch
Kim and James Meredith
Mesona Properties
Michael W. Brooks and Associates
Mary Michal
Mike Flynn Painting Old & New
Elaine Miller
Juli Miller
Wayne Miller
Jane Stewart and Michele Mitchell
Carole and Curtis Mongelli-Richey
Henri Monjauze*
Lorraine Moon
Dorothy and Douglas Moorhouse
Richard Morgenstern
Claire Morrow
Betsy and Steve Moulds
Ray Nasuti
Norma Neil
Helen Nelson
Priscilla Felton and James Newberry
Elenka Niehaus
Barbara and Donald Niemann
Patricia and George Noble
Helen and Wilmer Nord
A. L. Norton
Miel and Michael Novak
Linda and David Olesen
One Vineyard and Winery
Karen O’Neill
Opus One
Thomas Ordway
Roberta Oswald
Catherine and Paul Ovando
Maxine and Roger Owens
Susan and Stephen Parry
John Payne
Anne Payne
Diana and Charles Peacock
Colleen and Dennis Pedisich
Connee L. Pike
Evelyn Pool
Precision Glass Systems
Arthur Pufford
Cristina and David Rausch
Mary and Michael Reiter
Edgar Rose
Nicole and Bob Rosenstiel
Cary Rosner
Lois Ross Saenz
Patrice Saenz
San Joaquin County Mental Health
Jackie and John Savoy
Linda Shahinian and Herb Schiff
Emily Schmidt
Gwen Sciutto
Tera Scott
Joanie Seidel and Paul Gridley
Susan and Lucas Simons
Judy and Dennis Sisto
Jo Skeffington-Debski
Alma Skillings
Dee Ann Smith
Marian S. Smith
Pam Smith
Peggy Smith
David Solis
Ida Spencer
Peggy Squires
Kimberly Stalwick
Lee Stanford
Connie and Robert Stanley
Lea and Randy Stegman
Fred Stephens
Karen and Richard Talmadge
Kenneth Taplin
Louise Sculatti and Mary Thomas
Janet and Rep. Mike Thompson
Bonny and Tom Thrower
Tracy Tighe and Matthew Chan
Philip Togni Vineyard
Truchard Vineyards
Richard Tsao
Kathleen Tucker
Turner Moving & Storage
John Uboldi
Letty VanNoy
Valerie Varachi
Cordelia and Steven Veit
Gloria and Thomas Vence
Peter Ventura
Vincent Venuta
Vickie Vera
Lisa Villegas
Vinoce Vineyards
Volakis Gallery
Dolores and Richard Wainright
Cindy Wallace
Mary and Matthew Walter
Elaine and Lawrence Warick
Bob Westfall
Beth Wheeler
Leslie Wilks
Jeanette Cheeseman Willey and
Mark Willey
Laura Wintz
Victoria Wolf
Julie and Robert Yocum
Sally and John Zikmund

Private Estate
Gifts of $10,000 to $24,999
Gordon Huether Design

Gifts of $1,000 to $4,999
Bunton, Clifford & Associates
The Carneros Inn
Southwest Airlines

Gifts of $500 to $4,999
Melissa Teaff Catering
John and Ulla Brown
Frye’s Printing
Charlene Stratford
Morgan and Ronald Rogers





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