Q. What is Napa Valley Hospice & Adult Day Service’s Mission?
A.  Napa Valley Hospice & Adult Day Services provides exceptional professional healthcare and expert resources in caring for the individual and the family through chronic conditions, symptoms of aging, illness, death and bereavement.

Q.  What is the Hospice Program?
A:   Hospice is the only such organization in the Napa Valley and serves the entire Valley – from Napa to Calistoga - with programs for patients, families and their loved ones that are dedicated to supporting the last stages of life.  It’s integrated approach to serving the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of individuals and families, and its gentle approach, underlines its success.  The team of nurses, social workers, home health aides, rehabilitative services, chaplains, and volunteers, working with a patient’s primary physician, provides comfort and dignity and often enables someone to remain in their own home during their final days. For more  information, click here.

Q.  What is Adult Day Services Program?
A:   Covering the medical, nursing, social, recreational and personal care services of patients in our on-site, day facility, we can offer a Center for adults of any age who are frail, have dementia or other chronic conditions, or require help with the activities of daily living.  We monitor nutrition, medications, and symptoms associated with diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure, preventing unnecessary hospitalizations. The social interaction, mental stimulation and recreation offered can prevent a sense of isolation as well as early placement into a nursing home.  Transportation to and from our Center is included.
In addition, we provide family care-giving consultations, education, care-giver training, resource information, support groups, referrals related to memory loss concerns and an annual respite camp, as well as a lending library.  We offer a unique environment and a specialized group for those with Alzheimer’s and other dementia that is a safe, stimulating environment staffed with experienced specialists.   We promote proactive brain health through Brain Fitness and Mind Booster programs. For more information, click here.

Q.  How many people are served annually by Napa Valley Hospice & Adult Day Services programs?


Q. How many do you serve from “up valley”?
A.  Given the population spread in Napa Valley, we consistently represent the Valley through both the Hospice and Adult Day Services programs, with approximately 30% of those we serve living “up valley” and 70% “down valley.”

Q. Why a building campaign?  What is the need? Why not rent?
A. “It became imperative that Hospice of Napa Valley locate to a permanent home in order to accommodate ongoing growth, and to better control ever-increasing fixed costs. As a responsible and fiscally sound organization with limited options, it became the only choice” –Lowell Smith, former President of the Board of Directors

Securing a future for our services in the Valley is critical.  With an aging population and the highest number of frail elderly per capita in the state – we cannot afford to do otherwise.

When rental space ceased to be an option, the most cost-effective response was to locate property in the Valley and build out what was required.  A suitable building at 414 South Jefferson Street in Napa was constructed, securing room for administrative and Hospice clinical staff needs and for an expanded Adult Day Services program, now licensed for 100 individuals per day, double its former capacity.  Now we need to make sure that the cost of paying for the construction bond does not erode what could be spent on programs. It’s that simple.

While we originally began a search for rental space in response to our increasing needs it became imperative when our landlord required the space for their own expansion and relocation needs.  Unfortunately, an affordable and appropriate home could not be found as a tenant. We determined that because both the Hospice and Adult Day Services programs had unique needs that the best course of action was to incorporate those requirements into the design of a new building without needing to make compromises that would reduce the effectiveness of our programs. Owning a facility meant having an appreciable asset and being able to better predict occupancy expenses. Also, the agency avoided the potential of costly relocations and abandonment of any improvements.

Q. How are operating costs of the building covered?
A. We have an annual operating budget of over $8 million and a diversified revenue base. Operations will continue to be maintained by reimbursement from Medicare, Medi-Cal, medical insurance, as well as generous donations from individuals, corporations and foundations.  Of course, the costs of bond payments will be eliminated once the construction bond is paid off and we regain the important advantage of those funds that can be used in developing our programs further. Over the last several years we have raised approximately 30% of our annual budget from the community for unreimbursed care and services. The following chart demonstrates the sources of our 2010 revenue:

Q. How will the Campaign help Napa Valley Hospice & Adult Day Services support the aging population in Napa?
A.  Already Napa County has one of the three largest populations of those aged 85 in the State, with  15.7% of all residents over the age of 65.  The County has a higher proportion of older residents than California as a whole.

In the decade ahead, the population in Napa County is expected to increase dramatically, especially as the “baby boom” generation reaches 65 and older. The growth of an aging population will put a larger burden on the health care systems and local providers. This, combined with longer life spans, will cause a significant increase in the demand for home-based and community services. The need for this safety net, which Napa Valley Hospice & Adult Day Service programs provide, will only increase into the future.  With a permanent location, Napa Valley Hospice & Adult Day Services will be able to grow and meet future challenges.

Q. Why did Napa Valley Hospice & Adult Day Services build the building before raising all of the funds?
A. While it may appear out of sequence to build a facility before completing our fundraising goal, our friends and neighbors have nonetheless invested their support in us believing, as we do, that our decision was grounded in the need to ensure the continued availability of our services in the future. Faced with an expensive rental market and an urgent need for space, we trusted that our supporters would understand the logic of our decision. And they have. We are nearly there. Join us as we finish our journey to ensure long-term sustainability.

Q. Where is the building located? How was the site selected?
A. The building is located in Napa at 414 South Jefferson Street. The location is in an historic Napa neighborhood and is ideal in terms of convenient transportation routes to reach our patients throughout the County.

Q. Why is the building so large? How is the space being utilized?
A. At the former location, space was severely limited and it became increasingly difficult to provide excellent services.  The new building, in addition to meeting general program and office needs, includes expanded space for:

  • A variety of services, such as:  community education, grief counseling, memorial services, volunteer training and volunteer work space.
  • The Adult Day Services programs – a licensed Adult Day Health Center and Alzheimer’s Day Care Resource Center.

Q. Why can’t Hospice work be done from home, since staff and volunteers go to the patients?
A. Hospice professionals deliver care where the patients reside. One of the cornerstones of the Hospice  Program is interdisciplinary  team-based care.  Staff requires an environment where they can meet together, plan care, and maintain confidential patient information and records.

Q. How can I support the Campaign?
A. We appreciate gifts of any size. However, we would greatly appreciate it if you would consider making a gift of $500 or more as Koerner Rombauer and his family are generously matching all gifts of $500 or more up to $1,000,000 as part of the Rombauer Family Challenge announced in early 2011.  The Campaign accepts gifts of cash, check, credit card or stock transfer.  Donations may be made via mail, telephone and by donating now. Please contact us if you have questions. Click here for our contact information.

Q. May I pledge a gift over several years? Are pledges tax deductible? Will I be notified when payments are due?
A. Yes, you may pledge your gift over a three to five year period. Contributions are tax deductible and a pledge payment reminder schedule will be established according to your instructions.  Please utilize the campaign pledge form.

Q. How does my campaign gift differ from my annual donations to Napa Valley Hospice & Adult Day Services?
A. We depend on ongoing annual support to provide our services to the entire Napa Valley community, regardless of a patient’s ability to pay. We hope you will continue your vital annual support and that your donation to our building campaign is a “stretch” gift to help us meet our campaign goal of $9.5 million.  Check our progress on our website bar graph below and help us grow!


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