Campaign History


Hospice opened its door in 1979, as a special expanded service program of St. Helena Hospital.  By 1995, a partnership between St. Helena Hospital and Queen of the Valley Hospital in Napa was created to expand services to the entire valley.  Hospice secured space in Napa and began operations under its own charter as a tax exempt 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organization in 1997 as Hospice of Napa Valley.

In 1998 Hospice absorbed an Adult Day Services program and began offering quality day respite care. 

By 2001 constraints on the services in the original rental space were evident; coupled also with the notification by the building landlord they would be taking back space. This generated a search for a new and expanded space.  After an exhaustive evaluation by a committee of the board and senior staff it was determined that no affordable rental space, that met the expanded needs required to operate a growing program, currently existed in the Valley. Investigations were then made to determine if land could be secured and a building built, that would best satisfy both the space and program requirements; while at the same time  provide the most cost-effective solution.

In 2002 land was secured and plans for a 18,500 square foot building located on 2.4 acres in South Napa, near main transportation routes, began.  The design included 50% building usage for the Adult Day Services program, operating day respite services, and 50% would be utilized for the Hospice program, including community bereavement meetings and counseling, as well as agency administrative support.

A $7.2 construction bond was secured, providing the funds to build out the space and create a reserve account for early capitalized interest and bond payments. In 2005, a community Capital Campaign was begun; led by Dave Zumwalt and Brian Kelly, attracting $350,000 in early support to launch the fundraising effort. In 2005 the building was completed and occupied.

In 2008 the organization changed its name to Napa Valley Hospice & Adult Day Services to better reflect the emphasis on both programs.

Napa Valley Hospice & Adult Day Services is fully licensed and certified, offering a comprehensive array of services, including psychosocial, emotional, medical and spiritual, to meet the individual needs, values and beliefs of each patient and their loved ones.


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